All Day Combination Plates


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Served with Pork Fried Rice, white or Brown Rice

If you don’t like any of Soups or Appetizers with your plate, you can skip these to just order the following item with number

Optional Addons:
Soup: (Won Ton*Hot & Sour)Add $0.95 for one choice   
(Egg Roll* Spring Roll* 3Crab Rangoons* 3 Wings* 3 Chicken Fingers)Add$1.80 for one choice
(2 Chicken Teriyakis*2 Beef Teriyakis*2 Jumbo Shrimps* Barbecued boneless Ribs)Add$2.80 for one choice

1. Vegetagle Delight 6.80
2. Sweet & Sour chicken 7.00
3. Chicken or Pork Broccoli 7.00
4. Chicken or Pork w. Cashew Nuts 8.25
5.*Szechuan Chicken or Pork 7.00
6.*Chicken or Pork w. Garlic Sauce 7.00
7.  Chicken or Pork w.Mixed Vegetable 7.00
8.  Chicken or pork w. String Beans 7.00
9. *General Tso’s or Orange Chicken 7.75
10. Beef or Shrimp w. Broccoli 7.25
11.*Hunan Beef or Shrimp 7.25
12.*Szechuan Beef or Shrimp 7.25
13.  Beef or Shrimp w.Cashew Nuts 8.50
14. Beef or Shrimp w.String Beans 7.25
15. Beef or Shrimp w.Mixed Vegetables 7.25
16.Shrimp w. Losbter  Sauce 7.25
17. Pepper Steak 7.25
18. Chow  Mein (Pork, Chicken, Beef  or  Shrimp) 7.25
19. Lo Mein (Pork, Chick, Beef  or Shrimp) 7.25
20. Egg Roll, Wings, Chicken Fingers, Crab Rangoons 9.00
21. Egg Roll, Boneless Ribs, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Teriyaki 9.00
22. Spring Roll, Chicken Fingers, Beef Teriyaki, Crab Rangoons. 9.00

($0.75 Extra For Each Substitution)